helping busy mums feel more centered this ramadan
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Three ways for busy mums to feel more centered this Ramadan

helping busy mums feel more centered this ramadan

It’s the third day of Ramadan and you’re sort of getting into the swing of things and getting used to the long days of fasting, but you still feel frazzled and like you have a gazillion things to get done, with no time to do them. For mums especially, it can be really difficult to get into the spirit of Ramadan and to make the most of the holy month when you have children relying on you all day and sometimes through the night, in addition to other responsibilities. For working mums, this is even harder, as you have to ensure you are at your best during the day and make time for family and your ibadah in the evenings.

Here are three little things you can commit to doing every day to make you feel a little more centered this Ramadan:

Read the rest of the post on Muslimah Bloggers, for whom it was originally written. If you’re looking for a charity to support this Ramadan, and would like a little gift for your children too – please consider supporting my Ramadan and Eid badge initiative.

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