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Purposeful Ramadan (ebook)

90% of the proceeds from the sale of this ebook are being donated to Ummah Welfare Trust to feed the fasting (where most needed) in the following countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Gambia, India, Iraq, Jammu Kashmir, Malawi, Mozambique, Pakistan, Palestine, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Syria, and Yemen. 

All the proceeds will be donated on March 28, 2022. If you have purchased the ebook, you’ll receive an email letting you know how much was raised along with a donation receipt.

This ebook will help you purposefully set your intentions for this Ramadan, give you tips for how to stay focused on them, and encouragement for when things get difficult and you want to give up and just coast through the rest of the month. When you make goals or set intentions with purpose, you are much more likely to follow through with them, than if you just go through the motions and do things you think you should be doing. You also receive the Ramadan Memories booklet for your children in three different cover styles as a bonus! The ebook covers the following areas and includes several printables and resources that you can use to get started on your purposeful Ramadan:

Qur’an & Worship

Parenting during Ramadan

Staying healthy and battling fatigue

Meal planning

Overall productivity

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