reading log and little library
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reading log and little library

I’ve been meaning to create a list of books and reading log for my children for over a year and a half now. I have had it on this list of things I want to get to (that list never gets shorter!) and finally got round to doing it. Now that my oldest is at school, I really needed to find a way to keep track of the books he has been reading. We pick up 3 -4 books every two weeks from the library and he brings home a new book every week from school. A reading log has helped us not only keep track of when the books went back but also what he has been reading. That way, we keep things varied. Although I follow his lead when it comes to what he wants to read, we’d be reading Zog or his dinosaur encyclopaedia constantly if it was all up to him!

Whilst I created the reading log, I also put together a printable to help me keep their library organised. Too often I spot a book that I want to buy them and I have to think about whether they already have something similar or something that covers similar themes. Now I have a list of every book that they have, along with a brief note of the themes contained within each book. It will really help you see if you have too much of something, too little of something, or nothing covering a specific topic at all. I’m hoping that this helps us make smarter purchasing/ borrowing decisions.

I sat down with a stack of books and got going. It didn’t take long at all before I was done and I’m really looking forward to adding to this now. The reading log has a little yellow section for your little one to pop their name in, so if you have more than one child, they can each have their own sheet.

reading log printable

I put mine on a clipboard that I just slot into the bookshelf behind the stack of books, but you could print yours on card stock and stick it to the side of your bookshelf or keep it in a folder elsewhere, whatever is most convenient.

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I’d love to see how you use these so please email me a photo or tag me on social media if you use them! How do you keep track of everything in your home library? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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