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How to have a productive Ramadan with your spouse

This post is a collaboration with Gilded Dunya – please pop over to her blog to read her post with even more helpful advice!

We’re approximately 30 days away from Ramadan 2018 insha’Allah and there are a plethora of blog posts, YouTube videos and the like that talk about Ramadan activities for children and how to teach them about Ramadan, which is lovely (I’ve recorded videos about this myself recently) but what I’d like to focus on in this post is how to have a productive Ramadan with your spouse.

There is a lot of focus on the children all throughout the day or after they’re home from school, but when they’re in bed and Iftaar is already prepared, the focus should shift to spending time with your spouse. I was reflecting on how our Ramadan was last year and I wanted to ensure I planned activities for my husband and I to do together, as opposed to solely focusing on the children. I picked simple but meaningful things that will benefit us both individually as well as a couple insha’Allah.

Life will most definitely be busy, but this is a reminder to myself first and foremost, that there is a reward in putting in this effort, initiating these things, and then doing them with Ikhlaas (sincerity) and Ihsaan (excellence).

Memorising Surah Al Mulk

Page of Surah al Mulk in the Quran

Surah Al Mulk has 30 ayahs so it’s perfect to memorise an ayah a day during Ramadan. There are several virtues and benefits associated with reciting Surah Al Mulk and my wonderful friend at Gilded Dunya outlines them wonderfully here. The aim is to read the ayah together every day after Fajr and then test each other before or after Iftaar at the end of the day. To help me memorise, I’ll be using this site to repeat each ayah daily or sets of the ayat whilst I go about doing my chores.

Performing a good deed each day during Ramadan

A productive Ramadan with your spouse has got to involve consciously doing a good deed each day! Our children will have a good deed calendar of their own so it only makes sense for us to have one too. The lovely Qudsiyah over at The Visual Age has a printable that is perfect for this. You can certainly add to her list or remove those that you may not want to include, but I love them all. All I had to do was print it out, cut it up and pop it into a little bowl like this one and we’re all set for Ramadan insha’Allah. If you’d like even more recommendations for good deeds, I’ve listed some other resources below:

Amaliah – 30 Days 30 Deeds Lists Are Out! 

Confessions of a Muslim Mom – 60 Good Deeds in 30 Days

IlmFeed – 30 Good Deeds You Can Do This Ramadan

Establishing a daily Qur’an reading habit

Once again inspired by my dear friend at Gilded Dunya, this post about reciting Qur’an with your spouse daily describes an activity that is so simple, but so beautiful. We will be hopping on the bandwagon too and will aim to recite 5 verses a day. Along with the recitation, I will be using M.A.S. Abdel Halem’s The Qu’ran for an English translation – he writes beautifully. In the interest of being sustainable and because I love a good printable, I created one that I will be laminating for us to use over and over again with a wipe clean marker. If you’d like a copy, click here to download one! I always love seeing my printables in use, so if you do use it, please tag @gilded_dunya (since this is her wonderful idea) and @imanblogs on Instagram so we can see it!

daily quran reading tracker

Increasing in knowledge and valuing our time

If you’re having a day where you are too exhausted to do anything productive, or if you spend lots of time on commuting to and from work or waiting at appointments, this suggestion may help. Create a Ramadan playlist of videos on YouTube, or podcasts or any other beneficial audio/ video material so you can refer to it easily. I have begun to do this on my YouTube channel and I am slowly adding to the playlist. There are playlists within my playlist of stories of the Prophets, the importance of Ramadan and even lifestyle videos on making the most of your Ramadan. If you are going to watch something or listen to something with your spouse, make it something beneficial. If you haven’t put together a playlist, you’re more likely to watch something that isn’t the best use of your time. Start creating a playlist or use mine (I’ll be adding more to it as I receive suggestions from others) so that you know you have valuable content waiting for you. Watching something together will often prompt a discussion of the topic covered and it’s those little conversations that bring you closer to your spouse and help you learn more not just about Allah and Islam, but also each other.

ramadan 2018 youtube playlist

I hope that these suggestions have been useful insha’Allah – we all need those little reminders to redirect some of the attention given to our children back into our marriages and what better way to begin to do that than in the blessed month of Ramadan. Don’t forget to check out Gilded Dunya’s post too and if you’re on Facebook or Instagram, be sure to follow her – she shares such beautiful spiritual gems!

May Allah put barakah in our relationships and in our time insha’Allah. I would love to hear from you on ways you reconnect with your spouse during Ramadan, please leave them in the comments below!



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