How important is learning Arabic to you?

Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an that you might understand.” Qur’an 12:2

Disclaimer: This post includes an honest review of our Arabic classes with Studio Arabiya. We were gifted a months’ worth of classes for the purposes of this review and since we enjoyed them so much, have signed up and paid for classes ever since.

“You don’t speak Arabic?” is a phrase I hear often – especially when people find out I’m half Yemeni and lived in the United Arab Emirates for 21 years. Every time I hear it, I cringe inwardly – at the question and also at my lack of interest and drive to learn it at all. I can understand it fairly well and can converse on a very basic level, but given my background, I should be fluent and since having the children and starting on my Qur’an journey, it has really bothered me that I’m not.

I tried teaching myself and teaching the children but I ended up being inconsistent and worried that I was doing it all wrong. A dear friend of mine advised that I go down the formal learning route especially if I wanted to achieve fluency for myself and the children. I’d heard wonderful things about Studio Arabiya, so I contacted them and they offered us a months’ worth of free classes, following which I’d publish an honest review. We have now been taking classes for nearly two months – the second of which we’ve paid for in full because we’re all enjoying the classes so much!

Arabic for the children

They offer a variety of options – I initially enrolled the children in the Arabic – Full track programme but they are now going over Noor Al Bayan to improve the fluency in their Arabic reading first. They each have two classes a week (the classes are one on one, but there are group options, it just depends on what you choose) and have a lovely Egyptian teacher – Doa’a – who is always so patient and wonderful. The classes are 30 minutes long, and they always play a game at the end to finish off. It’s the perfect length of time for my almost 6 year old and 7 year old as far as concentration goes.

Scheduling made easy!

One of the things I love about Studio Arabiya is how structured the whole experience is. When you sign up, you have a dashboard where you manage your classes and payments and view course content. You can even add children on to your account, so I log in once and all of our courses are right there on the dashboard for us. In the first few weeks, you receive a call about an hour before your class, reminding you that class starts in an hour – which I appreciated so much! If you need to reschedule a class you can do so within the portal – it takes about 5 minutes to do and you’ll be shown alternative options (with the same teacher!) for the another day/ time. If you need to cancel a class, this is also possible through the dashboard. Contacting customer support is easy – they have a UK based telephone number so you’re never out of pocket.

Arabic for me

I’m enrolled in the Madinah Arabic course, which is also an online individual course. My classes are an hour long and once a week – which is the perfect amount of commitment for me in the season of life I’m currently in. I enjoy the individual courses because I’m able to pick a time that’s convenient for me – my classes are currently at 9 pm on a Saturday when I’m almost certain the toddler will be asleep, or if she isn’t, my husband is available to tend to her whilst I’m class. Since it’s just my teacher and I, I’ve got to be focused and attentive during class which means I’m retaining a lot more than I would in a group session or online video based courses. She also checks my understanding as we go along so we’re both certain I’ve understood the material before we proceed to the next lesson.

The classes are held using Zoom and when you log into your dashboard, you’ll see lots of reminders about the next class – my children already know how to log in and navigate the dashboard and will click to go into the Zoom session when they see there’s one minute remaining for class to begin!

Course content & how we practice

When you sign up, your course outline will be uploaded to the dashboard and you will have the opportunity to view the content you will use with your teacher. The course materials are always on the dashboard so you can access them at any time to revise with your child. The teacher usually leaves a note at the end of each session with a grade and a little sticker and notes if there are any pages to review. We then go over those prior to the next session. Studio Arabiya also encourages review with a Practice Center that asks multiple choice questions covering the material that has been covered and an Activity Center with games!

Why it’s so important to start learning Arabic now

I’ve never been more aware of how important Arabic is than now during my khitmah of the Qur’an and the children’s hifdh journey. Understanding and living by the Qur’an, calling upon Allah in salah and at other times, gaining more Islamic knowledge – all of this is made easier if we learn Arabic. Every minute that we spend doing this with the intention of getting closer to Allah is rewarded and that is reason enough. Studio Arabiya doesn’t just do Arabic lessons – they have courses on Qur’anic grammar, a hifdh programme, tajweed classes, and even Islamic studies. Whatever level you’re at – there is always more to learn, and this is such an accessible, structured way to do it. All you need is an internet connection and the drive to want to learn insha’Allah!

If you’re interested in signing up to lessons with Studio Arabiya, you can receive $10 off your next tuition invoice by using the code 9OJ32OKY, and I earn $10 off my future invoices too.

If you have any questions about Studio Arabiya, leave them below and I’ll be happy to answer them!

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