Get organised for Eid ul Adha – Printables, Activities & More!

Get organised for Eid Ul Adha

Eid ul Adha is right around the corner – that arrived quickly! If you want to spend the first 9 days of Dhul Hijjah focusing on Ibaadah, without any of the stress, and need some motivation, watch my Motivational Monday video below. Whilst you’re at it, please subscribe for motivational videos every Monday insha’Allah!

If you need a little help with figuring out where to get decorations from, what activities you should be doing with children, or where to buy gifts from, you’ll find them all in the lists below. Getting things done early

Decorations & Cards

If you’re looking to purchase decorations, cards and gift wrap, I recommend:

Islamic Moments

Every Cloud Silver Lining

If you’d like to create decorations yourself (including money envelopes), here are some of my previous posts that may help:

Create your own money envelopes 

DIY Eid Mubarak bunting

Eid Gift Guide

Gifts/ Books

For Islamic-themed gifts or books for children, you can’t go wrong with:

Desi Doll Company

Ibraheem Toy House

Mini Muslimah Dolls

Kube Publishing 

Mini Muslim Playground

Activities for children

There are tons of resources out there but it can be really overwhelming to begin looking for them all, so I’ve done it for you! Here are links to a great collection of Dhul Hijjah/ Eid ul Adha related activities for children:

Modest Munchies’ 29 Ideas for Hajj at Home with Kids

In the Playroom’s Eid ul Adha and Hajj Crafts for Kids

Gilded Dunya’s Dhul Hijjah with My Toddler

The Muslimah Guide’s Huge List of Hajj Resources for Kids

Productive Muslim’s Day to Day Guide to Hajj Activities for Kids

We’re going to incorporate some of Productive Muslim’s ideas such as memorising the talbiya, and we’re going to build a little Ka’abah out of Lego (the first link has a great guide) and my children are going to love creating their little sheep pages.

eid ul adha sheep printable

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I’d love to see how you use these so if you use them as decorations, or display them, or use them as cards, email me a photo or tag me on social media!

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