DIY Ramadan Good Deed Calendar for your Little Muslim

‘What on earth is a good deed calendar?’ I hear you ask. Think Advent calendar, without the chocolate, expense or having to find a spot for it. This year, I wanted the kids to really get into the spirit of Ramadan this year and do a little countdown to Eid. I knew we’d need a calendar, but I wanted to add to our Ramadan/ Eid traditions and make one myself that we will use every year. It was important to make sure that whatever I came up with; took no space at all, didn’t involve chocolate, and was easy and age-appropriate for the kids. So this is what I came up with. The calendar consists of a frame (that you can re-use over and over again and use to display a picture outside of Ramadan time), envelopes, good deed cards for the day and that’s about it. You’ll need: A frame or a piece of cardboard or canvas. I got this IKEA FISKBO frame for £5. It measures 50×70 cm. Envelopes – If you use the same sized frame, you will only be able to fit 30 envelopes on if they are C7 envelopes. I got mine here. Good deed … Continue reading DIY Ramadan Good Deed Calendar for your Little Muslim