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15 things I was grateful for in 2015

15 things i was

As the last day of 2015 draws to a close, I’m reflecting on the year that was and using that to shape the year to come. It’s easy to focus on how challenging a year was and look forward to seeing the end of it, but I’m doing things a little differently this year and focusing on the things I was (and will continue to be) grateful for in 2015.

When I was making notes for this post, I thought I’d find it really difficult to list 15 things I was grateful for. The reason this post is going up so late is because I had to whittle that list down! (Well that, and the kids ran circles around me today and I needed to put them to bed and clean before finally sitting down to write)

I am grateful for:

  • My faith: There is a wonderful feeling that comes with belonging to a faith that is so beautiful and all-encompassing. Here’s to practicing it more in 2016, making more time for Allah and sharing the beauty of Islam with others through this blog.
  • My children: The two little people that rely on us, look up to us, and are as besotted with us as we are with them. Here’s to constantly evolving as a parent, learning as much as I can, and spending more time with them.
  • My husband: The guy who lets me sleep in a little, even when he’s tired, and gets up to get our oldest breakfast or occupy him with something so he doesn’t wake me because he knows I’ve had a rough night with the baby, or just because. Here’s to appreciating him more and making more memories this new year.
  • My family: My siblings and parents and their unconditional love and support that carried me through the highs and lows for the year gone past. Here’s to loving and cherishing them even more than I do now.
  • Health: Good health that enables me to do what I need for family and myself and for reminding me that it is to be maintained and not taken for granted. Here’s to making a conscious effort to take care of myself more.
  • Friends: Wonderful women that know what true friendship is – here’s to nurturing our relationships for another year.
  • Food: The diversity of food, the fact that I can afford it and how it brings people together. Here’s to trying new things and having people over for dinner more!
  • Work: A source of income and the opportunity to develop my skills. Here’s to continuing to work hard and to bigger opportunities.
  • Shelter: My home and its protection. The migrant crisis teaches us just how lucky we are to come back to a home at the end of the day whether it’s a tiny apartment or a large house and whether or not it has all the features you would like it to. Here’s to  appreciating what we have instead of wishing for what we don’t.
  • Coffee: Caffeine and it’s amazing-ness – without which I would not be able to muddle through many a day! Here is to trying new flavours and maybe being able to finish a cup before it gets cold.
  • Wealth: Wealth that offers me the opportunity to maintain a lifestyle but also to give to those less fortunate. Here’s to honouring what we have and not falling into the trap of thinking it ‘isn’t enough.’
  • The Internet: Being able to acquire knowledge from it, being able to connect with so many people through it and being able to share this with you using it! Here’s to it continuing to be beneficial.
  • Opportunities: Various doors that Allah opens for me; ones best suited for me and at the perfect time. Here’s to knowing what to pursue and recognising an opportunity when I am presented with one.
  • Mistakes: Making a terrible mistake and then being able to learn from it and develop as a person. Here’s to avoiding them when I can, but embracing them when I don’t and continuing to learn.
  • Another day: Waking up every day for the past 365 days to experience life, to accomplish the things I want to, to serve my family and to worship. May I be granted many more.

Here’s to the lessons from 2015 for a beautiful 2016.

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    December 4, 2016 at 12:41 pm

    aameen! Beautifully put! Here’s to practicing it all more in 2017 now! <3

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