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Street Eats by Halal Gems: Our experience

July 28, 2017

street eats by halal gems We’ve just got back from Street Eats by Halal Gems at Old Spitalfields Market and I thought I’d put together a quick blog post to share our experience at the street food event featuring traders hand-picked by the Halal Gems team.

The event runs today (Friday, 28 July) and Saturday, 29 July from 11 am to 9.30 pm. I hopped on the tube with the kids and we got there at noon. The closest tube station is Liverpool Street. I did think Liverpool Street offered step-free access, but it only does for the rail portion of the station so there was a fair bit of up and down stairs with the buggy, but there were some lovely people that offered to help.

How to get there

Old Spitalfields Market is a short walk from the station (about 5-7 minutes). Use the Liverpool Street station exist for platforms 9 – 18 and exit the station using the escalators for Bishopsgate (West). Turn left, and the market is a short walk down the road.

When we got there, I tried to look for the Oli Baba’s stand first (fried halloumi!), couldn’t find it, panicked and ask a staff member who told me there was a whole other half to the event on the other side of a little cordoned off part where some construction was taking place.

All street food stalls were decorated in the same way with the Penny Appeal (the charity that the event is supporting) signage and that was useful because there wasn’t a designated entrance and exit or a specific cordoned off area for the event so it helps you differentiate the stalls that are usually at Spitalfields Market, from the ones that were specifically part of Street Eats.

Going with children

There is a section for children’s activities but I would say they are only suitable for children aged 5 and over. There was Jenga, tic tac toe, and a few other activities that none of my children could partake in but in all honesty, I wouldn’t have expected there to be any activities for children at a food festival anyway. The pathways were wide enough to accommodate our pushchair, but if you have a side by side double pushchair, you will struggle. It began to get really full around lunchtime and with the queues for the popular stalls, getting around was a bit of a squeeze.

The toilets are very close by – which was a bonus. They are just opposite Tiger to the left-hand side and there are baby changing facilities. You do need to call the concierge to unlock the door, but he comes up very quickly and locking it ensures it is kept relatively clean.

toilets old spitalfields market

Price points

We tried Oli Baba’s fried halloumi, Chit Chaat Chai’s samosa chaat, and Curry Cook House’s malai chicken wrap. All of those were priced around the £5 – £6 point and apart from the drinks stalls and the bel at Chit Chaat Chai being £3, everything else was £5 and over. Chaatit was selling their samosa chat for £2 more than Chit Chaat Chai and as far as I can tell from the board, it’s made up of the same things – so I’d go to Chit Chaat Chai and save!

Carry cash with you as much as possible. There are traders with card payment facilities, but it’s a lot easier to pay with cash and I personally steer clear of ATMs close to major events like these – that’s just me being paranoid though. There are ATMs if you need to use them.


Our favourites

We loved everything we tried, but my favourite has got to be the halloumi fries. The combination of the salty cheese, with the molasses, chilli flakes, pomegranate seeds, yoghurt, mint – literally a party in your mouth! The portion is fairly large and they’re not going to be there tomorrow so get down there today if you really want to try some!

The samosa chaat was spicy and flavorful, just perfect – you could taste every ingredient individually and I loved that the spices were muted or changed to make it a little bland – it was authentic and I loved it.

TIP: Take ziplock bags and containers with you! You won’t be able to eat/taste everything whilst you’re there and you might want to carry some back to a family member/ friend who couldn’t make it. I packed some of my halloumi fries and a wrap for later!

samosa chaat chit chaat chai

Samosa chaat


halloumi fries

Halloumi fries


naan wrap

Malai chicken wrap


Take containers with you to pack leftovers!

Everything but the food 

There were also stalls selling pre-packaged items. We bought some halal sweets from the Halal Sweets Company – they had bags of 3 for £5 or bottles selling at £10 for 3. Zaytoun were right next to them with dates, olive oil and other artisanal Palestinian products.

halal sweets company

What traders are going to be there?

There’s an exhaustive list of all the traders on the Halal Gems website here, and interviews with each of them – so read up before you go! I’ve also put together a quick video of our time there – watch it here.

If you’re going, I hope you have a wonderful time – we certainly did! If you found this useful, please let me know in the comments below or share it with others!

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Simple ways to meal plan better + free printable!

April 20, 2017

If you’re looking for a really simple way to meal plan, this post is for you. I’ve tried to meal plan in various ways – with apps, notebooks, folders, using groups where meal ideas were shared, and none of them stuck. I wasn’t consistent with any of them and that was because they just didn’t work for me or my family.

What I needed was to be able to meal plan, store recipes that I use regularly, keep a record of what food we have, and store recipes to try out. Personally, I need to physically see and touch a recipe, make notes on it etc, and I couldn’t do that with apps. Since starting the Live Lagom sustainability project, I’ve been consciously trying to keep track of the food we have. We would end up wasting quite a bit and sticking to a meal plan has helped tremendously. I also didn’t want to have to use lots of paper week after week, so I came up with a way to use one binder for everything.

How I created my recipe binder

I began by putting together a ring binder to contain all the recipes. The one I use is a Staples BETTER binder. It’s very affordable, and the rings open with the press of a tab, which is really handy. It holds up to 275 sheets of paper and comes in tons of colours, so if you wanted to separate your recipes into individual binder, you could colour code them and have a binder for each food group. There are larger versions as well, so if I ever need more space, all I would need to do is transfer everything over to the new binder and add more plastic sleeves to store the recipe sheets.

I popped a cover sheet (I created one that you can download for free at the end of this post) into the front clear pocket and wrote onto the spine label. I then put in a pack of punched plastic sleeves. These will keep the pages clean and prevent them from getting damaged with spills etc.

Recipe binder with printables

Meal plan without waste

The binder has two interior pockets. I use the one at the front of the binder to store a laminated sheet of paper that tells me what we currently have in the house. Knowing what you have is crucial to meal planning without wasting anything.

I use a Staedtler correctable pen, which is great on laminated surfaces because you can use the eraser on the back of pen and rewrite. There’s no need for wipes or any other removers.

My ‘What Have We Got?’ sleeve is divided into the following sections:

Fruit & Vegetables

In the Fridge

Pasta, Grains & Lentils


Meat/ Seafood/ Chicken

Tins & Jars


Cooked Foods/ Leftovers

I fill this in before I plan meals so I can try to pair ingredients together and use up things like that packet of bulgur wheat that has been sat on the shelf for yonks! Once I have meals written down for the week, I look through the recipes to ensure I have everything I need. Anything I’m missing, will go on a shopping list so I can ensure it is purchased for the week. If you’d like to add this sleeve to your recipe binder, I’ve created a free printable that you can download at the end of this post.

Organising your recipes

I divided my recipes into the following sections:












Soups/ Salads



Food tracker printable filled out

Use some coloured tabs to do this. I had Avery printable tabs left over from a project years ago and typed out the sections, so it was really quick to do. These are no longer available but I found an inexpensive alternative – Post-it index tabs – that will do the job just as well. You’d just have to write on each tab to distinguish the sections, or use a colour guide if you prefer a cleaner look. I used my Dymo label maker to print out mine.

Recipe binder tabs


Then all I did was fill in the sections! I printed out recipes that I use regularly and love and popped them in their sections. I’ve left additional plastic sleeves in so that whenever I find a recipe I love, all I’ll need to do is print it and slot it in.

Recipe binder layout

There is an interior pocket at the back of the folder and I use this to store clippings of recipes that I see in magazines that I would like to try. Nothing makes it into the binder unless it’s a recipe we use and love.

Use your binder for more than just storage!

Since receiving my Instant Pot, I’ve adapted a lot of my recipes for pressure cooking, so I use post it notes to record the adaptations. I can try different settings and will always remember what I used previously. Or I’ll amend a recipe to cater for Yusuf’s allergies and will make notes so I know what to use in the future. I use my Personal Planner to write down dinners for the week and that way I’m constantly looking at it as I use the planner for other things throughout the day.

Recipe binder notes

Recipe binder and meal planning


I’ve found that this is such a great way to meal plan, store recipes that we use and love, know what food we have, and store recipes to try out. I’d love to see your recipe binders, so if you create one, please tag me on Facebook or Instagram!

This post was created as part of a collaboration with other bloggers who all have great tips for meal plannning! Links to their posts are listed below:

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Mum’s homemade garam masala

March 9, 2017

homemade garam masala recipe

When I got married, one of the first recipes I asked my mum for was her homemade garam masala. She used to cook with it on a regular basis and I loved her blend. I remember using a shop bought version when I was at university and it was just all wrong. A great garam masala spice blend has a good ratio of spices in varying quantities. It has to be just right – too much of one or too little of another and your food just doesn’t taste quite the same!

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10-minute couscous salad

February 7, 2017


couscous salad


I’m often looking for recipes that involve little to no work, or that don’t require me to be standing over a stove for long periods of time. This 10-minute couscous salad is one of my favourites. It is easy to make and the only ‘cooking’ you do is pouring hot water over the couscous.

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Instant Pot Cardamom & Ginger Cheesecake

December 19, 2016

instant pot cardamom and ginger cheesecake

One of my favourite whole spices has got to be cardamom. It’s subtle – so not overpowering like the clove, it doesn’t have cinnamon’s heat, or star anise’s hint of liquorice – it’s just a lovely, wholesome flavour that almost envelopes you as you devour it. So when I saw a cheesecake recipe for the Instant Pot, I knew I had to try a cardamom version. Inspired by Jo’s lemon and ginger cheesecake, I used a gingernut biscuit base for this, followed by a creamy, rich cardamom filling and topped with crushed pistachio nuts and toasted coconut for texture. This really is a delight to eat and the texture from ‘baking’ it in the Instant Pot is quite  possibly the best I have ever tasted.

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Instant Pot Masoor Daal

December 2, 2016

instant pot masoor daal recipe

Masoor daal is one of my absolute favourite daals – it’s richer and more filling than the split version, is inexpensive and with my Instant Pot, it’s a dream to cook and ready in minutes.

Here’s a step by step guide that will hopefully eliminate the guesswork to give you a great result even if you’re new to Instant-Potting!

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Help with your new Instant Pot

November 27, 2016
help with your new instant pot

This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy.

 My Instant Pot was an Eid present from my husband (bless his soul!) – he heard me go on and on about it after some friends in the US introduced me to it, and decided to surprise me with it. To say I was overjoyed was an understatement. We were both initially apprehensive about it, especially since I really didn’t want to have something unnecessary cluttering my worktop, and an expensive item at that, but it has lived up to every expectation I have had and more!

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Quick & Easy: Nigella’s Crustless Pizza

April 28, 2016


On days where I’m either too tired to stick to the day’s menu plan or when the kids seem to want to eat more than usual, it really helps to be able to have a few recipes up my sleeve like this crustless pizza from Nigella’s Kitchen that I can whip up fairly quickly with ingredients I’m likely to have at home.

I’ve used pepperoni slices on this version, but you could use sweetcorn, pineapple, jalapenos, olives, chicken strips (cut fairly thin) – just about anything you/ the kids would like and have on hand. Since these are fairly small, you could whip up a few with different toppings, so they’d also make a really nice snack for when you have people over for a game night or something similar!

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Homemade Granola

January 26, 2016

Lemon Cupcakes-2


The kids like to keep me on my toes (i.e. – ensure that I am never able to finish a meal in one sitting if they are awake), so when I came across this recipe for homemade granola, I knew I had to try it because:

  1. Breakfast that you can toss into a bowl and top with yoghurt = win.
  2. I had finally found a recipe that would use up the multiple bags of oats I had laying around from when I used to add oats to Yusuf’s bath water to relieve his eczema.
  3. This is brilliant for nursing mamas – it really boosts supply and is a great way to start or continue (depending on whether you’ve had any sleep at all) your day.

This was ridiculously easy to make – I can’t believe how much this costs in stores! Here’s the recipe that I adapted from How Jen Does It on YouTube:

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Dirty rice

December 24, 2015



I came across this dirty rice recipe by accident when I was scouring Pinterest for easy meals to make that could last in the fridge longer than a day or two and were filling. The name is what caught my attention – I had never heard of dirty rice before. I had everything on hand to make it, except for the turkey mince so I substituted that with quorn and have used that ever since!

This is such a quick, healthy and filling meal – the kids love it, and it’s super versatile – you could add in more veggies if you’d like to or use chicken or fish or just leave it meatless.

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